When You Have
Innerstanding™ You Have…

A new Awareness and Appreciation
for Your Purpose and unlimited Possibilities!

  • You have increased confidence, creativity and clarity.
  • You value your past as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • You master your mind, emotions, body and choices.
  • You know Winning Starts Within and the only one stopping YOU from achieving success and happiness is YOU!

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MEET Robert Roots

Robert Roots

Extensive Life, Business, Law Enforcement,
Keynote Speaking & Coaching Experience

Author & Founder of INNERSTANDING

High Performance Training for
Organizations, Academia & Individuals

One of the most diverse and uniquely experienced personal development experts today, Robert Roots is founder of INNERSTANDING™ – a trademarked high performance training program which transforms organizations and people by showing them how to develop a new Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose and Possibilities so they overcome obstacles and achieve more.

A business coach, life coach and author of multiple books, most recently, Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs and Child Support is More Than Money, Robert Roots has been a full-time entrepreneur for more than 20 years, is a former NYC & Coral Gables Police Officer, adjunct college professor, mortgage broker, life insurance agent, actor, model and founder of an award winning after school program named Writer’s Playhouse in Miami, Florida.

A divorced father of four raised in a dangerous and impoverished NYC Housing Project by his divorced mother, Robert Roots knows from experience how you handle crisis affects every area of your life – your health, relationships, finances, career, peace of mind and future- and has made it his life’s mission to be an example that when you have INNERSTANDING™ (An Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities)  “It does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through, you have the power to change your reality!”

  An Engaging and Animated Character Speaker, contact Robert Roots at
305-209-0907 or email  RR@RobertRoots.com for events, product sales and media interviews.

PROGRAMS with Robert Roots


High Performance Training for Organizations, Academia & Individuals

Have you wondered why the training isn’t working? The success of an organization is determined by it’s people. Until you develop the mindset, core values and beliefs of the people in your organization, all technical and procedural training is void. Think about it, if what you are teaching isn’t being learned and you know the material works, then it’s not the training, it’s the recipient. INNERSTANDING™ is specifically designed to help people develop a new Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose and Possibilities so they think, learn and perform at a much higher level than ever before.

Winning Starts Within Coaching

All Coaching programs incorporate the principles of INNERSTANDING™ which are based on the Practice of Awareness, Appreciation, Purpose & Possibilities so clients redefine their core values and beliefs which are major determining factors in achieving success and happiness in life as well as business. Private and Group Coaching are available.

Business Coaching

The state of your business is more a reflection of your mindset than the market you are in. Consider this, there are two reasons people get stuck. One, you don’t know what to do. Second, you know what to do but you aren’t doing it. Both of these reasons originate from the same source, YOU. Getting beyond your obstacles and creating new successes helps you build momentum. With this momentum, you feel more empowered, confident and clear about your possibilities. This new mindset gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. In short, you learn how to master, motivate and maximize your most valuable resource- YOU.

Unlike most coaches, Robert Roots has been an entrepreneur in numerous industries for more than 20 years and is able to help you design a marketing strategy, develop products, establish your brand and build your business faster and more efficiently.

Life Coaching

Have you ever wondered why some succeed in almost every area of their life while others struggle to achieve in only one area? Or why some have success in their career and relationships but still suffer from depression and self-worth issues when it appears they have it all? There is no simple answer but almost all of it relates to their level of clarity, self-confidence and self-worth which stem from their mindset, emotions and ability to get things accomplished. When you have INNERSTANDING™ – an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities, you learn how to master your mind, your emotions, your body and your choices. With this new ability, achievement and happiness are yours.

Seminars & Workshops

Private and Public trainings are available.

Robert Roots will customize seminars for your organization to include leadership, sales, accountability, customer service, teamwork and diversity training.

In addition, we also offer workshops on Effective Strategies for Co-Parenting, Self-Publishing for Super Profits, Building Your Business and Brand, Internet Marketing, Getting Started in Business and How to Create Multiple Streams of Income.

BOOKS by Robert Roots

Success-Secrets-from-The-Three-Little-Pigs-CoverSuccess Secrets from The Three Little Pigs

“Not just another run of the mill book on motivation,
this is a success guide designed to help you create a life of abundance.”

Les Brown- World Renown Author & Motivational Speaker

Written in a conversational, easy to read and implement format, Success Secrets From The Three Little Pigs has been used by dozens of organizations and academia for more than 10 years, has been read by thousands and is guaranteed to make a positive impact for your life and those you care about.

  • Discover How to Master the Most Critical Element To Your Success – Your Mindset
  • Learn How To Defeat the 10 Most Common Obstacles (Wolf) to Success in Life
  • Discover The Most Effective Strategies To Attracting What You Desire For Your Life (This goes beyond the simple teachings of the Law of Attraction)
  • What the C’s of Success Are and Why they Are Critical to Getting Unstuck

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Books- Soft Cover

Child-Support-is-more-than-Money-Robert-RootsChild Support is More Than Money!

A product of divorce and a divorced father of four, Robert Roots is passionate about repairing divorced families by encouraging fathers to take an active role in their child’s life. In addition, Robert shows mother’s how to help facilitate the co-parenting process as he addresses the reality that the parent’s relationship itself may be damaged.

Robert Roots knows from personal experience and as a police officer, educator and life coach when parents fail to co-parent the entire family suffers.

The importance of a responsible and loving father in a child’s life is critical. There is no greater role and blessing than being a parent. It is with this philosophy, the information provided which includes Robert’s personal story, is giving the utmost care and respect to all involved.

Your child deserves the best. You cannot provide the best if you’re not at your best. Order this book now so you can be on the path to empowering yourself, your children and your family today.

Order Now. 60 Day Full Purchase Price Money Back Guarantee!

Books- Soft Cover

Success Comes from Sacrifice, Sacrifice from Self-Discipline
and Self-Discipline from Self-Awareness- Robert Roots