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I just re-released two of my best-selling books with new content and updated for 2015! I am committed to making a difference.  These products are designed to help empower you to take control of your life, business and families and introduce you to the power of INNERSTANDING (an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities) (click tabs above for more details.) – Robert Roots

Child Support is more than Money cover

Child Support is more than Money was written to save children and families from the crisis often associated with divorce by  encouraging co-parenting, accountability and mutual respect. 

“I believe it’s time for the conversation to heal parents and save children from being casualties of the senseless war between their parents.

Hurt people, hurt people. It’s time to heal the hurt and restore love, respect and a commitment to the well-being of the children.” 

Child Support is more than Money (Chapt1)- (click to download preview)

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Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs“It truly only takes a minute to change your life. Take a minute, read Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs and discover that it is possible to turn setbacks into incredible comebacks!” Willie Jolley- bestselling author and named One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World

Take Control of Your Life by Mastering Your Mindset and Emotions!

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs is recommended for academia, sales and personal development training and for individuals interested in overcoming fear, doubt, excuses, procrastination and indecision.

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs Ch1- click to download free preview of Foreword by Les Brown ( world renown author and speaker) and Chapter 1.

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Only $15.00  108 pages-soft cover book

Robert Roots"Success comes from Sacrifice, Sacrifice from Self-Discipline and Self-Discipline from Self-Awareness"

Meet Robert Roots


I am often asked, why do I do this?

Why am I in a business dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams?

My answer is because I know how it is to grow up in poverty and see people with promise barely scratch the surface of what was possible for their life.

I also know how it is to suffer from low self-esteem, fear, doubt and be tormented by self-limiting beliefs that contradict what you desire out of life.

I know how it is to love your children and not have enough to provide...

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I know how it is to work 20 hours per day, 7 days a week, reading everything you get your hands on determined to make it happen only to be ridiculed and feel ashamed.

I know how it is to be worried about keeping the roof over your head.

I know how it is to be homeless.

I know how it is to see others who live selfish destructive lives enjoy the freedom of financial prosperity and see good honest people struggle to survive day to day.

I know how it is to want to express your gifts inside of you because you know your gifts are not there by accident.

I know how it is to be excited about the possibilities while the reality of life make you feel like they are merely impossibilities.

I do what I do because I was born there.

I do what I do because I have been blessed to leave only to be back there wondering how, why and what happened.

I do what I do because I believe in what's possible.

I do what I do because over the course of my life, my many mentors, including my mother Bernadette Gonzales, world famous authors, speakers, coaches and my life experiences have taught me how to overcome obstacles that to many seemed insurmountable.

I do what I do because, even though my life and my bio is full of diverse experiences and accomplishments, I know the path I have been on has been one of learning the things necessary to teach and show others how to have INNERSTANDING - an Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose so they can realize their Possibilities.

I do what I do because I have faith and I sincerely love what I do.

I do because I know from personal experience that Winning Starts Within and

"It does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through, You Have The Power to Change Your Reality!"

Robert Roots

About Robert Roots

Robert Roots is founder of INNERSTANDING™ – a trademarked high performance training program which transforms organizations and people by helping them achieve an Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose so they realize their Possibilities.

small business coach, life coach, adjunct college professor, professional speaker and author of multiple books, most recently, Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs and Child Support is More Than Money, Robert Roots has been a full-time entrepreneur for more than 20 years, is a former New York City & Coral Gables Police Officer, mortgage broker, life insurance agent, actor, model and founder of an award winning after school program named Writer’s Playhouse in Miami, Florida.

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A proud divorced father of four amazing children (two teens, two adults) raised in a dangerous and impoverished NYC Housing Project by his divorced mother, Robert Roots knows from experience how you manage crisis affects every area of your life – your health, relationships, finances, career, peace of mind and future- and has made it his life’s mission to be an example that when you have INNERSTANDING™ (An Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities)  “It does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through, you have the power to change your reality!”

An Engaging Storyteller and Animated Character Speaker, contact Robert Roots at (305) 209-0907 -or- RR@RobertRoots. com for events, product sales and media interviews

Programs with Robert Roots

High Performance Training for Organizations, Academia & Individuals

Have you ever wondered why the training isn’t working? The success of an organization is determined by its people. Until you develop the mindset, core values and beliefs of the people in your organization, training is almost ineffective. INNERSTANDING™ is designed to help people develop a new Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose and Possibilities so they think and perform at a much higher level than ever before.

Seminars & Workshops
Private and Public trainings are available.

Robert Roots will customize seminars for your organization to include Leadership, Sales, Accountability, Customer Service, Teamwork, Motivation, Inspiration, Relationships and Diversity Training.

We also offer workshops on Effective Strategies for Co-Parenting, Self-Publishing for Super Profits, Building Your Business and Your Brand, Overcoming Obstacles and How to Create Multiple Streams of Income.

Winning Starts Within™ Coaching
All coaching programs incorporate the principles of INNERSTANDING™ which is based on the Practice of Awareness, Appreciation, Purpose & Possibilities so clients redefine their core values, perceptions and beliefs which are major factors in achieving success and overcoming obstacles in life as well as business. Private and Group Coaching is available.

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Small Business Coaching
There are two reasons people get stuck or fail to grow their business. One, they don’t know what to do. The second, and most common reason, they know what to do but aren’t doing it. Both reasons – a lack of knowledge and a failure to implement – originate from the same source, YOU. Getting beyond your obstacles and creating new successes helps you build momentum. With this momentum, you feel more empowered, confident and clear about your possibilities. This new mindset gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. In short, you learn how to master, motivate, and maximize your most valuable resource – YOU – so you achieve INNERSTANDING™ – an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities.

Life Coaching

Have you ever wondered why some succeed in almost every area of their life while others struggle to achieve in only one area? Or why some have success in their career and relationships but still suffer from depression and self-worth issues when it appears they have it all? There is no simple answer but almost all of it relates to their level of clarity, self-confidence and self-worth which stem from their mindset, emotions and ability to get things accomplished. When you have INNERSTANDING™ – an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities, you learn how to master your mind, your emotions, your body and your choices. With this new ability, achievement and happiness are yours.

Robert Roots has provided services for:

Office Depot, Burger King, Miami Herald, Miami Dolphins,, New York City Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Jusuru, Primerica Financial Services, Arbonne International, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FAMU, Bethune Cookman College, Youth Crime Watch of America, 21 Century Community Learning Centers, American General Insurance, Sandals Resorts, Palm Beach Community College, Broward County Library, Title 1, Miami-Dade Community Action Agency, Coral Gables Police Department, NYC Police Department, BlackVille School System and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to name a few.

Books by Robert Roots

Is Your Mindset Straw, Wood or Brick?

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs is not just a fictionalized story, it is a book power-packed with straightforward advice and inspiration. Using The Three Little Pigs as a metaphor for success in life, Robert Roots, proves the wolf in your life can be defeated but you must choose to be Brick. Discover whether your mindset is Straw, Wood or Brick and also learn how "The C’s " help you overcome the 10 most common wolves in life.

"Not just another run of the mill book on motivation, this is a success guide designed to help you create a life of abundance." Les Brown- world renown motivational speaker

If you want a book you’ll read over and over again, order Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs today!

Only $15.00 

108 Pages- Soft Cover Book

Robert Roots"It's not what you don't have, it's what you think you need that stops you from succeeding or being happy!"

Child Support is more than Money!

Shocking, Heartbreaking and True...
90% of homeless and runaway children,
85% of youth sitting in prison and
63% of all youth who commit suicide
in the U.S. come from fatherless homes.

Child Support is more than Money provides:
Proven strategies to effectively co-parent
Methods to develop high self-esteem in children
The best way to keep children safe from predators and bullies
Tools for fathers to maintain a quality relationship with their child
How to protect your rights and responsibilities and more...

A divorced father, child of divorce, educator and former police officer, Robert Roots wrote Child Support is more than Money to help start the needed conversation to save children and restore respect after divorce.

Now Only $15.00
You Save ($2.95)

108 Pages- Soft Cover Book


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