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"No matter who you are, where you come from or what you're going through-
You Have The Power to Change Your Reality.
" Robert Roots

Meet Robert Roots - author, coach, speaker & founder- INNERSTANDING ™

Robert Roots

I'm Robert Roots, a personal transformation expert, life and business coach, speaker, best-selling author of Prepare for the Wolf, Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs and Child Support is more than Money. I am also founder of Winning Starts Within™ Coaching Program and the copyrighted Core Development System- INNERSTANDING™  based on the four Practices of- Awareness, Appreciation, Purpose and Possibilities.

More than speaking experience, I also have extensive life, business, teaching and law enforcement expertise.

Since I have personally gone through suffering and testing,
I am able to help those who are being tested.

If you're just starting out, starting over or are successful and tired of hitting the ceilings of self-sabotage or self-limiting beliefs, I've been there and can provide you the guidance to break-free to achieve your possibilities.

I have more than 30 years business experience in multiple arenas and more than 15 years consulting, speaking, training and coaching experience. I'm an alumnus of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, an adjunct college professor, New York State Certified Police Instructor and Field Training Officer, a proud father and grandfather, a former NYC Undercover Police Officer where I worked on Times Square as well as a former Coral Gables, Fl, Police Officer.

My siblings and I were raised in poverty by our divorced mother in a dangerous NYC Housing Project. As a result of what I witnessed and experienced personally and professionally, it is my mission to help organizations and people transform their lives and businesses and be proof, "It does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you're going through; You Have The Power To Change Your Reality."

If you want an energetic, engaging and animated character speaker with a passion for results or if in need of results focused life or business coaching from someone who has walked the talk, call Robert Roots at 305.209.0907 or email: RR@RobertRoots.com. 

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In addition to more than 10 years in law enforcement, I am a Certified Police Instructor and Field Training Officer. I have over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. Some of my experiences include owning a successful Coral Gables, Fl based mortgage brokerage business, a graphic design and marketing firm, artist management company, a publishing company and an award winning after-school program. I am also an experienced real estate investor, financial planner, licensed life insurance agent, freelance writer, consultant for academia, profit and non profit businesses, international lifestyle model, actor, life and business coach.

In accordance with my commitment to making a difference in the lives of youth and families, I formed the Miami based award winning after-school program, Writer's Playhouse, where we served up to 100 students per day for 5 years (2004-2009) utilizing my book, Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs (previously named Prepare for the Wolf), as the program's curriculum. The school where the program was based, Charles Drew Elementary, successfully went from a "C" to an "A" the entire 5 years the program was in place with 100% of students passing State required exams and matriculating to the next grade. The program, funded by me, Robert Roots, corporate and private sponsors as well as a $700,000.00 grant from 21 Century Community Learning Centers, received numerous accolades and was featured in media highlighting the programs success for inspiring youth to embrace education, choose a success mindset and exhibit the virtues of good character.

I am a contributing writer to the celebrated book, Souls of My Brothers, which also featured the late Isaac Hayes, radio personality Lenny Green, Grammy Award winning singers Howard Hewett and Kenny Lattimore, the CEO of Cash Money Records, Bryan Williams, actor Obba Babatunde and Congressman Gregory Meeks.

As a student of personal development for more than 35 years (since 13 years old), I have been fortunate to have been mentored by some of the world's most renowned leaders including Les Brown who provided the foreword for Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs.

My signature program INNERSTANDING™ which means to have an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities  is at the core of my philosophy and teachings. Within us all is the power to achieve our purpose and possibilities when we master our inner game and develop a new awareness and appreciation for our talents, opportunities and experiences.

With this new mindset and self-confidence, we are no longer held hostage to our inner critic or negative criticism from others. This frees us to make better choices, get beyond self-limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, insecurities, excuses and the false story of not being enough.

Winning Starts Within. As the proverb states, "If there is no enemy on the inside, the enemy on the outside can do us no harm."

Achievements are rewarding, but what I am most proud of are my four amazing children, daughter-in-law and grand daughter. I have two incredible teenage sons, Michael and Darren; a brilliant daughter, Janara, a recent university graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education and my eldest, Robert, a music producer, speaker and author of "Falling Isn't Failing"- an inspiring motivational book for youth based on his experiences. My wonderful daughter-in-law and Robert's wife, Brittany, who has been a blessing to the family, blessed us with my beautiful 3 year old grand daughter, Robynn.

If you're looking for an energetic, engaging and animated character speaker with a passion for results or if in need of results focused life or business coaching from someone who has walked the talk, call Robert Roots at 305.209.0907 or email: RR@RobertRoots.com. Thank you!

I am often asked, why do I do this?

My answer is because I know how it is to grow up in poverty and see people with great promise barely scratch the surface of what is possible for their life.

I know how it is to suffer from the pain of low self-esteem, fear, doubt, depression and be tormented by self-limiting beliefs.

How it is to love your children and not have enough to provide.

How it is to be worried about keeping the roof over your head.

How it is to feel like your standing in quicksand hoping to survive another day.

I do what I do because I was born there.

Because I have been blessed to leave, only to return and having to wonder, how did I get back here?

Because I believe in what is possible.

Because over the course of my life, my many mentors, including my mother Bernadette Gonzales, world famous authors, speakers, coaches as well as my life experiences, have taught me how to overcome the very obstacles that to others seemed insurmountable.

Because I know my achievements and challenges have all been necessary for me to discover so I can also teach others how to have INNERSTANDING™  - an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose so you realize your Possibilities.

I do because I know that Winning Starts Within and

"It does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through, You Have The Power to Change Your Reality!"

Robert Roots

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Office Depot, Burger King, Miami Herald, Miami Dolphins, Monster.com, New York City Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Jusuru, Primerica Financial Services, Arbonne International, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FAMU, Bethune Cookman College, Youth Crime Watch of America, 21 Century Community Learning Centers, American General Insurance, Sandals Resorts, Palm Beach Community College, Broward County Library, Title 1, Miami-Dade Community Action Agency, Coral Gables Police Department, NYC Police Department, Blackville School System, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Coast Guards, to name a few

Programs with Robert Roots

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  • Personal Accountability
  • Motivation/ Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Sales
  • Diversity
  • Fatherhood/ Co-Parenting

Robert Roots Speaks To:Corporate, Academia, Entrepreneurs, Police Depts, Salespeople, MLM's, Youth, Civic & Faith Organizations

Signature Programs

INNERSTANDING™ is designed to help people develop a new "Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose and Possibilities" so they think and perform at much higher levels than ever before.High Performance Training for Organizations, Academia & Individuals. The success of an organization is determined by its people. Until you develop the mindset, core values and beliefs of the people in your organization, most training is almost ineffective.

I offer customized Life and Business Coaching designed to get the results you desire. I do not change your life, you do. What I do is help facilitate the transformation by identifying your strengths and areas of challenge. The foundation of the coaching is powered by Innerstanding™ which means an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities. With INNERSTANDING ™ you acquire a new mindset, take control of your thoughts and emotions and release yourself from doubt, fear and self-limiting beliefs. We create an action plan, monitor your progress and keep you on track. Call 305.209.0907 or email me at RR@RobertRoots.com to discuss your goals.

We also offer workshops on: How To Build Your Brand and Business, From Nothing to Something, Youth Entrepreneurship, Self-Publishing for Super Profits, Effective Co-Parenting Strategies.

Robert Roots will customize seminars for your organization.

Books by Robert Roots

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs

"Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs is not just another run of the mill motivational book, it is a success guide skillfully designed to help you and the people you care about create a life of happiness and abundance."

Les Brown - World Renown Motivational Speaker
  • Discover and Master Your Mindset
  • Stop the Wolf from Huffing, Puffing and Blowing Your House In
  • Defeat Fear, Doubt, Excuses and Procrastination
  • Discover the C's of Success
  • Refuse to Be Straw or Wood and BE THE BRICK!

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs has successfully been used by: Schools/Universities, Sales Organizations, Corporations, Faith Based Organizations and Individuals including NYC Public Schools, Primerica Financial Services, The Miami Herald and FAMU to name a few.

Child Support is more than Money

A former police officer, divorced father of four and child of divorce raised in a NYC public housing project by his mother Bernadette Gonzales, the author, Robert Roots has seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of divorce. Robert wrote this book to help start the needed conversation to save children and restore respect after divorce or separation.

With Child Support is more than Money you will learn:

  • Proven strategies to co-parent effectively
  • Techniques for managing stress and regaining self-confidence
  • Methods to develop self-esteem in children
  • The best way to keep children safe from predators and bullies
  • Tools for fathers to maintain a quality relationship with their child
  • How to protect your rights and responsibilities and much more...

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