no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you are going through...

You Have The Power To Change Your Reality

Robert Roots shows people and organizations how to discover your power and overcome self-limiting beliefs so you realize your possibilities and achieve your goals

Mr. Roots is awe-inspiring with the rare gift of sharing wisdom on the myriad of life's cycles. Robert Roots is a man for our time.

Dr. Angelia Turner, N. Greenville University

Robert Roots and his products can help you and the people you care about create a life of happiness and abundance.

Les Brown, Renown Speaker & Author

"There is nothing wrong with self-limiting beliefs; unless you believe them."

- Robert Roots


Robert Roots has been on:


  • HYPED U™- Youth Program-Founder
  • Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker
  • Successful Entrepreneur 30+ years
  • Former NYC & FL Police Officer
  • Life & Business Coach
  • Successful After-School Program Founder
  • Adjunct College Professor
  • Certified Police Instructor
  • SAG Eligible Actor and International Model

I know how it is to be born with the odds stacked against you and labeled "At-Risk.''

To be raised by a divorced cuban mother with four children in an impoverished NYC Housing Projects. To watch your mother suffer with a terminal disease.

To lose your home in Hurricane Andrew and remain to rebuild your home and community.

To be a police officer who understands the critical importance of making split second decisions that could terminate someone's life or save someone's life.

To be a divorced father whose children live more than 700 miles away in a different state.

To overcome depression after years of suffering.

To be in massive debt, have identity theft, owe the IRS and have to start over.

I also know how it is to live your dreams.

How it feels to go from living in the projects to the penthouse.

How it feels to build multiple business ventures and generate 7 figures in sales.

How it feels to give hope to those who lost hope and see lives change for the better.

How it feels to coach highly successful people and organizations and help them achieve more.

All of which were possible because I discovered INNERSTANDING™.

INNERSTANDING helps you achieve a new Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities so you are no longer held hostage to fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs.

You discover Winning Starts Within. That no matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through -

You Have The Power To Change Your Reality.

If you need a transformational speaker, business coach or media guest with diverse experience who delivers results, contact Robert Roots- 305-209-0907 or

Robert Roots clients include...

Office Depot, Burger King, Miami Herald, Miami Dolphins,, New York City Public Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Jusuru, Primerica Financial Services, Arbonne International, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FAMU, Bethune Cookman College, Youth Crime Watch of America, 21 Century Community Learning Centers, American General Insurance, Sandals Resorts, Palm Beach Community College, Broward County Library, Title 1, Miami-Dade Community Action Agency, Coral Gables Police Department, NYC Police Department, Blackville School System, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Coast Guards, to name a few

Programs by ROBERT ROOTS


INNERSTANDING™- is my copyrighted transformation program based on the Practice of Awareness, Appreciation, Purpose & Possibilities. When you have an Awareness and Appreciation for your Purpose and Possibilities- the obstacles of fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs no longer hold you back. With INNERSTANDING™ participants experience inner transformation which leads to a new mindset, emotional resilience, confidence and courage. INNERSTANDING™ is designed or participants to have lasting transformation that evolves as they Practice the Principles of Awareness, Appreciation, Purpose and Possibilities over time.

HYPED U- Youth Programs

HYPED U which means Honor Your Purpose Every Day provides Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Intelligence and Character Development programs. Youth are taught how to honor their purpose every day by providing them with the tools, strategies and instruction. Students are taught how to develop a success mindset, overcome self-limiting beliefs as well as how to set and achieve goals.

"Don't focus on success, focus on the steps and success will follow"

- Robert Roots


Coach Roots is my private and group coaching program where I work closely with my clients to achieve specific goals or overcome challenges. In addition to Life Coaching, I provide Business Coaching, product development, self-publishing and public speaking training. All programs are customized and are available year round.

Parenting & Co-Parenting

Fatherhood helps fathers be better fathers whether with the children or separated/ divorced. Co-parenting is taught to both mothers and fathers or taught separately. My book - Child Support is more than Money is used as a teaching tool for parents to identify with some of the challenges and how to overcome them with respect and understanding while keeping the best interest of their child first.



Soft Cover Book

Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs

With Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs:

Discover and Master Your Mindset
Stop the Wolf from Huffing, Puffing and Blowing Your House In
Defeat Fear, Doubt, Excuses and Procrastination
Discover the C's of Success
Refuse to Be Straw or Wood and BE THE BRICK!

"Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs is not just another run of the mill motivational book, it is a success guide skillfully designed to help you and the people you care about create a life of happiness and abundance."

"Success comes from Sacrifice, Sacrifice from Discipline and Discipline from Awareness"

- Robert Roots

Child Support is more than Money

With Child Support is more than Money you will learn:


Proven strategies to co-parent effectively
Techniques for managing stress and regaining self-confidence
Methods to develop self-esteem in children
The best way to keep children safe from predators and bullies
Tools for fathers to maintain a quality relationship with their child
How to protect your rights and responsibilities and much more...

child support is more than money book cover

Soft Cover book


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Winning Starts Within

"It's not what you don't have, it's what you think you need that stops you from succeeding"

- Robert Roots